Study: Kids Spend Less Time Outside Than Prisoners

Children spend more time watching television and playing videogames than playing outside.  


One out of two kids worldwide spends less than an hour outdoors while prisoners at a maximum security facility are guaranteed two hours of time outside daily according to this report from

Out of 12,000 parents who have children aged 5-12 in 10 different countries, one-third of kids spent just 30 minutes outside over the last year which is less time than the average inmate gets at a prison.

The short film posted below reveals the importance of outdoor time for prison inmates who step outside on a daily basis, many were surprised to learn that children living in the free world were getting even less fresh air.  Inmates at the Wabash Valley Correctional Institute in Indiana described outdoor time as “probably the most important part of my day.”

If spending time outside is the most important part of a convicted fellon’s day, imagine what good it could do for children.

Prisoners also described the opportunity as a time to “take all the frustration and all your problems and just leave them out there. It keeps my mind right, keeps my body strong.”

The scariest part of the video came when the filmmaker asked how prisoners would respond to their yard time being reduced to just one hour a day, many were horrified at the suggestion.

One guard said doing so would be “potentially disastrous.”

In response to studies showing that kids spend less time outside than prisoners, one inmate said it was “really depressing” while countless others couldn’t believe the statistics.

Laundry brands OMO and Persil conducted the survey which proved that parents needed to start changing the habits of their children. They eventually launched a campaign in the U.K. spearheaded by Sir Ken Robinson in an effort to wake people up about the importance of stepping outside once in a while as opposed to locking up indoors for days at a time.

The study should serve as a wake up call for parents who haven’t been paying close attention to how much screen time they’re allotting for their children.

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  1. I have to give those prisoners a thumbs up for their thinking, their reactions, and their answers to that question. It’s hard to accept when you’ve done wrong.but, it’s even harder to realise and admit just what you truly miss!

    God bless you guys that have heartfelt answers to that ultimate life question.

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