Donald Trump Reveals Foreign Policy Positions That Put America First

Real estate tycoon reveals “America first” foreign policy positions, also says Saudi Arabia must start contributing in the fight against ISIS.  


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The New York Post reported on 3/26 that Donald Trump wants global allies to contribute financially if they want to continue operating under the “cloak of American protection” being offered militarily by the United States, he also described his foreign policy as an appeal to nationalism that would put America first.

“We’re not being reimbursed for the kind of tremendous service that we’re performing by protecting various countries,” Trump was quoted as saying.

In addition, the leading Republican contender threatened to boycott oil purchases from Saudi Arabia and other allies unless they provide aid in the fight against ISIS.

“If Saudi Arabia was without the cloak of American protection . . . I don’t think it would be around,” he said to The New York Times.

Trump later revealed that he’d remove U.S. forces from Japan and South Korea should they not receive financial help for housing, food and water on American bases. “We defend everybody. When it doubt, come to the United States. We’ll defend you. In some cases free of charge.”

The billionaire mogul also deflected criticisms from pundits who claimed his foreign policy was “isolationist” and instead labeled it “America first.”

In an ironic twist, it appears that the one candidate who has been accused of being anti-Muslim ad nauseam by the corporate media is most willing to end destructive conflicts that have taken the lives of thousands of Muslims in countries like Libya and Iraq.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has been campaigning on neocon foreign policy positions that call for regime change in the Middle East despite similar measures resulting in a sharp increase in radical Islamic terrorism.

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