The Fed Is In Complete Control Of The Stock Market

Chart shows that Fed policy shaped stock market gains over the last 18 years.  


In what is a very disturbing trend, the chart posted below created by Stifel shows that starting from the post-World War 2 era stock market gains have coincided with policies set by The Federal Reserve.

When analyzing the data in a historical context it becomes apparent that from the late 90s until present day there’s an obvious pattern of intervention from the Fed which has bumped up the market into a secular bull (a long-term trend that often lasts between 5-25 years).

As it stands, the central bank is a private cartel capable of manipulating monetary policy under a cloak of secrecy – the data presented below ought to be a wake up call to economists worldwide that this system is going to necessitate a complete overhaul after it inevitably collapses.

[Image: LSrg9aC.jpg]

For more information, check out Sasha Evdakov’s video on stock market manipulation enabled by altering interest rates:

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