Poll Reveals SHOCKING Number Of Muslims Support Suicide Bombing

Pew polls show a shocking number of Muslims in both Arab and western countries support suicide bombing.  


Following Tuesday’s attack in Brussels the left didn’t hesitate to make excuses for the Muslim faith despite the fact that a staggering number of Islamists in European and Arab countries support suicide bombing.

Two polls conducted by The Pew Research Center easily dismantle the left-wing narrative regarding Islam and unfortunately for social justice warriors, the numbers unequivocally prove that multiculturalism doesn’t work.

The following shows that up to 42% of Muslim youths in Paris ALWAYS SUPPORT suicide bombing:

muslim poll suicide bombing

The higher levels of support for suicide bombing seen among young American Muslims resembles patterns found among Muslims in Europe, where Muslims also constitute a minority population. In Great Britain, France and Germany, Muslims under the age of 30 are consistently the least likely to say that suicide bombing is never justified.

In other words, the share who think suicide bombing against civilians can ever be justified, even if rarely, is higher among those younger than 30 compared with those who are older. About a quarter (26%) of younger U.S. Muslims say suicide bombing can at least rarely be justified, 17 percentage points higher than the proportion of Muslims ages 30 and older (9%) who share that view. The age gap is about as wide in Great Britain (18 percentage points) but somewhat narrower in Germany (12 points), France (11 points) and Spain (7 points). Source

In addition, up to 22% of Muslims in Lebanon “sometimes” believe in suicide bombing with an additional 33% in Bangladesh and 21% in Tanzania.

Also, 35% of Egyptians “rarely” believe in suicide bombing.

Muslim Views on Suicide Bombing

Islam is not a “religion of peace” – it’s a death cult, statistics prove it, recent events prove it and the Quran proves it.

It’s obvious at this point that flooding the United States with wahhabist trash who cannot assimilate into western culture will only result in more terrorist attacks and possibly even large scale civil unrest.




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