Hillary Flooded The Clinton Foundation With Funds From Foreign Interests

Clinton emails reveal irrefutable evidence of cronyism and fraud.  


Judicial Watch released documents on 3/22 that reveal part of the reason why Hillary Clinton hid information on a private email server as secretary of state – Clinton Foundation money laundering with funds delivered from foreign interests.

276 documents obtained from a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit show that the State Department under Clinton coordinated with foreign governments and Clinton Foundation staff to flood her family’s “non-profit” organization with funds which came from Arab states in exchange for weapons deals.

Special interests in Libya and Syria were reportedly among many that took advantage of Hillary’s cronyism according to this source.  Algeria, Kuwaid, Qatar and Oman also made donations to the Clinton crime family in exchange for favorable treatment.

Judicial Watch said that the CF “accepted millions of dollars from at least seven foreign governments while Mrs. Clinton served as secretary of state,” including “a $500,000 donation it received from the government of algeria while Mrs. Clinton served as secretary of state (that) violated a 2008 ethics agreement between the foundation and the Obama administration.”

It has become clear that nearly 200 corporate donors connected to the Clintons  were connected to the State Department under Hillary including 60 companies that donated upwards of $26 million to the CF.

It seems to us the conversation should have been about the Benghazi attacks instead. Four Americans were killed, including the first U.S. ambassador killed by hostiles since 1979, and the murderers were running loose. Shouldn’t their capture have been a higher-priority topic? But at that point, Clinton was probably in her what-difference-does-it-make stage of grief.

The Clintons like to talk about their commitment to public service. Their commitment, however, is to the Clintons. Power (eight more years in the White House, if Hillary is elected in November), money and celebrity are their obsessions. The Clintons are, of course, free to pursue money and celebrity. But the American people shouldn’t have to pay for their ambitions.  Source

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  1. With the Clinton’s it is… “Corruption is as corruption does”…How dare you catch me.

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