Roger Stone: GOP Establishment Would Rather Have Hillary Than Trump

Says “crony capitalist” Hillary would be better for party elites than Trump.  


Former adviser to Donald Trump’s campaign and resident Trump-insider Roger Stone said on 3/14 on Breitbart News Daily that the establishment would prefer to hand the election over to Hillary Clinton than concede it to the billionaire mogul.

Stone predicted that the RNC may change the rules to “unbind” the delegates for the first round of voting which would result in them choosing the nominee without regard for the will of the people. He described the possibility of a brokered convention as “the first step of the big steal” and a possible catalyst for a revolt by Republican voters against party elites.

“A revolt’s perfectly okay with the Establishment, because at the end of the day, they would rather have Hillary Clinton than a nationalist who is unbeholden to any special interest, like Donald Trump,” Stone said.

He continued:

“The problem here is, the lobbyists drive the train and you can’t peddle influence if you have no influence and nobody has influence with Donald Trump other than the American people. There’s nobody with an inside track, nobody who can say, ‘Well, Donald, you have to do this, because I gave you a million dollars. He’s impervious to that kind of pressure and that is what drives the establishment insane.”

Stone also said Hillary Clinton was a bonafide “crony capitalist” who can be easily bought and sold by corporate lobbyists and special interests. “She’ll do a deal. She believes in nothing, nothing whatsoever,” he revealed.

You can listen to the full interview below:

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  1. Thus, the doorway for Communism and Totalitarianism by forcing “The People” to stand under their boot heels!

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