“While Privilege” Debunked: Twice as Many Whites Than Blacks Live in Poverty in America

Guest article from Barry Secrest destroys the “white privilege” myth.  

The statistics on race and poverty in America are very easy to find, however, the actual numbers involved, are quite another thing, altogether.

In fact, as the Soros sponsored Socialist movement in America, which has been artificially spliced together with the Black Lives Matter movement, takes full fruition, the one thing to remember is the fact that the entire premise of their adjunct movement is fatally flawed in one very simple premise.

While the mainstream media loves to spout statistics, they rarely get involved with the actual numbers at play, hiding stealthily inside the percentages.

But, the simple fact that never sees the light of day hiding inside the demographics, is quite simple with regard to poverty in America.

The Truth

There are about 22 Million white Americans living in poverty in America, as opposed to about 10.6 Million black Americans.

That’s right, when put in another way, there are over twice as many whites as blacks, living under poverty conditions, here in the US.

Not Possible?

But, wait a minute, doesn’t the fact that there’s twice as many whites in the US living in poverty, than blacks, essentially derail the media’s entire social commentary?

Pretty much!

Moreover, it’s far more convenient to spout arbitrary percentages than real numbers representing real people.

Boiled down to its essence, this means that the folks who brought you “white Privilege” along with the offshoot of “Occupy Wallstreet” known as “Black Lives Matter,”  have never stopped to think about the fact that the vast number of folks they’re blaming for their plight, live under conditions even worse, than theirs.


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