John Kasich Pledges To Support Amnesty, Praises Illegals

Kasich goes all in for amnesty.  


Republican presidential candidate John Kasich, who received over $200,000 from globalist George Soros, pledged to pursue amnesty for illegals within his first 100 days in office in a recent interview with Fox News that has been posted below:

The Ohio governor revealed that he wanted to “get the border fixed” before “working on social security.”

When pressed on exactly what that meant, Kasich clarified:

“Finish the wall, have a guest worker program….for the 11.5 million that are here who haven’t committed a crime since they’ve been here, a path to legalization.

A path to “legalization” is amnesty, a policy position Kasich shares with a plurality of Democrats which makes him a better fit for left-wingers than conservatives. In addition, Kasich has recently said the following regarding illigal immigration, proving that Soros got what he wanted by investing in his campaign:

1) “God Bless” Illegal Immigrants

2) “I couldn’t imagine” enforcing our current immigration laws: “That is not… the kind of values that we believe in.”

3) Kasich likened deporting the illegal population to Japanese internment camps

4) Illegal immigrants “are some of the hardest-working, God-fearing, family-oriented people you can ever meet.”

5) Allowing ICE officers to do their jobs is not “humane”

6) America can’t deport illegal immigrants because they are “made in the image of the Lord”

7) Kasich has called for implementing an open borders-style policy where workers can come and go as they please.

8) Kasich would enact amnesty within his first 100 days.

9) America shouldn’t address ending birthright citizenship because it’s “dividing people”

10) Illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay because “they’re here”  Source

If you’re looking for an open borders candidate, you’ve got him.

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