Group Designed To Defend Trump Supporters Shut Down After Violent Threat

Creator of a group designed to defend Trump supporters from violence shut down after leftists threaten a child.  


RT reported today that a new citizen protection group designed to defend Trump supporters from insane radical leftists by reporting potentially violent protesters on social media was shut down.

The group’s creator received an abhorrent threat from someone who “just (direct messaged) me a photo of my child’s school front accompanied by a ‘I’m coming for him’ message. I’m closing this account until safe.”

A screenshot from Twitter / @wearelionsguard

Following the mayhem at a cancelled rally in Chicago on Friday and only a few hours after a man attempted to attack Trump on-stage in Ohio, patriots formed the group to oppose “violent far-left agitators” – many of whom have been radicalized by

Someone responded by threatening the creator of the group’s child, forcing it to close. The group had ammased more than 500 followers.

After what has transpired over the last week, liberals can no longer brand themselves using the word “tolerant” unless it now encompasses violent threats, shutting down free speech and attempting to assassinate a presidential candidate.

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  1. You should have left it open so the FBI could find the Terrorist and arrest him! That is unless they too are on the side of Terrorism!

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