Senate Kills Rand Paul’s Ban On Aircraft Sales To Pakistan

Dr. Paul attempts to stop wasteful spending on endless foreign entanglements.  


Image credits: Francis Rivera, The Hill

The Senate killed Dr. Rand Paul’s attempted block of military aircraft sales to Pakistan according to this report from The Hill published on 2/10.

Lawmakers succeeded at pigeonholing Paul’s measure by voting 71-24 thereby guaranteeing that the sale will go forward as planned.

The Kentucky senator felt that spending money on arming dangerous groups in the Middle East (one of the main reasons ISIS eventually grew into a legitimate threat) was uneconomical, he suggested that Americans couldn’t afford to send military jets to Pakistan which he referred to as a “frenemy.”

“We’ve got a lot of things going on in our country that need to be taken care of, and we don’t have enough money to be sending it to Pakistan,” Paul argued on the Senate floor. “I can’t in good conscience look away as Americans crumble at home and politicians tax us to send the money to corrupt and duplicitous regimes abroad.”

Reports indicate that Dr. Paul wanted to take advantage of a provision in the Arms Export Control Act which would force a vote to block the sale of several F-16 aircrafts to Pakistan.

However, Senators Bob Corker and Ben Cardin convinced the Senate to oppose Paul’s resolution on grounds that the U.S government could use the sale to influence Pakistan.

“It maintains our leverage with Pakistan over the long haul. That’s what us selling them these pieces of equipment do,” Corker said, noting that the jets will require 30 years of maintenance.

He added that despite “some of the rhetoric,” Thurday’s vote “has nothing to do with the potential subsidy that could take place by U.S. taxpayers.” Source

Paul likely didn’t get the bipartisan support needed to stop the sale due to paid off lawmakers who have been bribed into endlessly feeding the military industrial complex.

For them, putting America first would mean the loss of their donors and  their subsequent money and power.

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  1. “Influence” as claimed by Washington insiders is just a nicer word for “corruption”.

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