DISGUSTING! CNN Interviews Trump Attacker on Live Television

Totalitarian leftists INTERVIEW man who attempted to attack Trump in Ohio.  

CNN interviewed criminal Tommy DiMassimo on 3/13 following his attempted attack on Donald Trump in Dayton, Ohio in which the leftist Bernie Sanders supporter rushed the stage but was quickly tackled by secret service agents.

“If I can be unafraid enough to take his podium away from him, than we all can be unafraid enough to not let this man walk into the White House,” Dimassimo said, referencing what might have been an attempt at Trump’s life in Ohio.

Instead of rotting in a jail cell, this radical leftist scum was gifted an opportunity on CNN to voice his opinions and claim that he was never intent on harming the Republican presidential frontrunner.

In other news, 2 + 2 = 5 and the sky is green.  Give me a break!

It appears that the liberal media has given up on defeating the Trump movement with thoughts and ideas, they’ve instead resorted to threatening violence in order to “stop” (whatever that means) the billionaire mogul from winning the election.

CNN’s interview was a disgusting attempt at giving legitimacy to a man who might have seriously injured Trump had he successfully ran past security.  In fact, it’s arguable that the liberal news network may have even been encouraging copy cats.  One thing is for sure, if someone tried to storm the stage at a Hillary Clinton rally it’s obvious that CNN wouldn’t offer that person the same platform.

You can watch the full interview in the video above.

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Benjamin Knight
Benjamin Knight, the founder of We the Vigilant and host of The Maverick Podcast, was born in Engelwood, New Jersey. He is a Bible believing Christian, a right-wing Libertarian and a nationalist who is dedicated to fighting back against cultural Marxism and globalism. In his free time, Knight enjoys triggering leftists, shooting guns and being an American.

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  1. Dude, you’re nothing but another Billy badass leftist, racist junkie. Stay home dude before you trip on something.
    True Christians DO NOT STAND IN JUDGEMENT OF OTHERS, nor do they commit violent acts or hinder another’s speech or opinion!

  2. MSNBC is the media spokes outlet for the Democratic party…CNN is the media spokes outlet for the leftist in Washington DC…You will never see any of these leftist news media commentators defending the Donald’s right to free speech and or to peacefully assemble…to show how mentally disturbed this young man is he accuses Donald Trump of orchestrating the violence which took place at the Trump Rally in Chicago…Notice CNN stayed away from asking the protester is he was a Bernie Sanders supporter and or if he was a supporter of MoveOn.Org or Black Lives Matter, or any other group which espouses hatred towards Donald Trump…Naw…he was just one brave soul who wanted to take the mike away from the Trump podium…just like the Black Lives Matter group of protesters did at the Bernie Sander’s rally…I’m sure he believed that if they could do it…he could do it too…and be a hero to the Trump haters such as his self…and naturally get his 15 minutes of frame with CNN in the process.

  3. ERNEST Gonzalez | March 14, 2016 at 1:02 am | Reply

    Well this is the last time I watch cnn,if your news media gives this slug time on the air.I don’t want to let your broadcast in my home.ADIOS CNN.

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