BREAKING NEWS: Man Attempts To Attack Trump At Ohio Rally

Reports indicate that he may have been armed.  

During a rally in Dayton, Ohio today – a man stormed the stage in an attempt to ambush Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump while the real estate mogul was in the middle of speaking about bringing jobs back to America.

The alleged attacker has been identified as Tommy Dimassimo, a liberal Democrat who is also a Bernie Sanders supporter.  Law enforcement officials charged Dimassimo with disorderly conduct and inducing panic following the incident.


Don’t expect the left to blame Sanders for one of his supporters charging towards the stage in what might have been an assassination attempt on Trump.  According to the establishment media – the real estate mogul is to blame for recent violence at his own rallies despite protesters being paid off by Soros-funded organizations who back progressive politics.

When you can’t defeat an ideology with logic, it has now apparently become acceptable to resort to violence and hatred.


Here is an alternate view of the attack:


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