College Professor Tells Students: “If You’re Straight, Confess To Be Gay”

University of North Carolina professor tells students to turn from Christianity and confess to be gay.  


In what was an ill-advised exercise, WND reported on 3/9 that a University of North Carolina professor instructed his students to fake “confessions” to their parents regarding religion or sexual orientation.

The assignment was part of a Spanish class.

Dr. Michael “Raul” Brown’s “Advanced Conversation and Composition” course included an exercise in which straight students were asked to “confess to be gay” and Christian students were asked to “confess to be atheist” to their families.

A student who quickly dropped the class following the assignment told The College Fix under condition of anonymity that Brown’s curriculum was bizarre:

“We were assigned to write an essay/letter to our parents pretending to be homosexual and essentially had to ‘come out’ to our parents in said fake letter,” the student said in an email, the website reported Wednesday. “While there were other options for the essay given (pretending to tell your parents you’ve decided to be atheist, or pretending you are homosexual and telling your parents you were just confused over a period of time), I find this assignment extremely inappropriate and not relevant to the class whatsoever.”

The professor who has been teaching at Chapel Hill since 2005 did not respond to requests for comment.  Instead, a spokesman for UNC issued the following statement:

Statement from spokesman Jim Gregory

“The point was to be something extreme, something that would challenge them,” Gregory said. “The point … was to pick an area that would make you uncomfortable – to force them to have to get out of their comfort zone and to have to write about something in Spanish that is more advanced. It’s a challenging assignment, that is the pedagogy involved. College is about stretching your mind and being confronted with ideas you may be uncomfortable with.”

UNC spokesman Jim Gregory confirmed that students in one of Brown’s other classes were encouraged to act out scenes from homosexual movies or plays. “He came across as very sensitive to ensuring the students were not stepping out of their comfort zones in that respect,” Gregory said.

The university explained that Spanish 350 is an “all-skills course designed to prepare students to speak spontaneously about a wide variety of subjects, as well as improve their writing skills.”

UNC’s class description never included “push the homosexual agenda” but the professor presumably added that part himself.

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  1. What does this even have to do with Spanish? This professor should be FIRED!

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