Cambridge University Removes “Racist” Rooster Statue Thanks To Whiny Students

Bronze rooster celebrated “Colonial Past” according to social justice warriors.  


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Leftists at Cambridge University were so outraged over a bronze rooster statue that some students whined about it being “triggering” and “racist,” this report revealed on 3/10.

The statue, which has since been removed, was known as the “Okukor” and was given to Jesus College in 1930 by Army Captain George William Neville.

The student union passed a resolution in February which resulted in university officials removing the rooster and sending it back home to Africa (no, this article is not satirical) due to it allegedly celebrating “the colonial past.”  Amatey Doku, a student from Ghana who introduced the resolution, told reporters that the statue was originally stolen from Nigeria as a form of revenge on British settlers.

Over the last few months, debates surged on campus on what to do about the rooster, with one disagreement in particular getting so heated that one student was heard screaming “the opinion of two white men is not valid.”

Cambridge recently released a statement on the controversy:

“Jesus College acknowledges the contribution made by students in raising the important but complex question of the rightful location of its Benin bronze, in response to which it has permanently removed the okukor from its hall.”

“The college commits to work actively with the wider university and to commit resources to new initiatives with Nigerian heritage and museum authorities to discuss and determine the best future for the okukor, including the question of repatriation.” Source

It’s worth noting that when colleges cave to the demands of social justice warrior psychopaths, it only serves to embolden them to push for even more ludicrous demands under the guise of political correctness.

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  1. Keep the Rooster, send the student back where he came from, or ban him from Colleges Worldwide for attempting to incite a riot!

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