Watch: College Students Say The American Dream Is About Free Handouts

Students also fail to give specific reasons for why they support Bernie Sanders.  


Image credits: College Reform

Campus Reform posted a video on 4/4 with footage of journalists visiting California to ask UCLA students about their version of the “American Dream” – some definitions were fairly typical while others showed the clear results of liberal indoctrination.

“I mean, it’s being successful, doing well, working hard,” one student said.  Another seemed focused on financial gain, saying bluntly that “it’s about getting money.”

Students were then asked which presidential candidate would best help them achieve the “American Dream,” this served as an opportunity for them to boast about their support for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

“I’m for Bernie Sanders,” one woman who was clearly following the herd mentality revealed.  As for why students thought so highly of Sanders, responses varied from his plan for “free” education to his viewpoint on “free” opportunities (whatever that means).

“His educational plans…full funding for education…I think college being free would give a lot of people opportunities,” one student said. “Uhh, the tuition thing,” another student responded as if she had no idea what planet she was on.

Many failed to give actual specifics and instead offered only vague reasoning about how Sanders represents an antidote to several issues plaguing society today.

“At this point, we need somebody who can really push forward radically,” one student claimed, despite the sentiment not making much sense. “I feel like he can relate, a little bit,” another one added.  One in particular admitted that his support for Sanders came about because “he wants to kind of destruct capitalism.”  Meanwhile, when pressed to name just one specific reason to endorse Sanders, another female student conceded, “I couldn’t….I don’t know…I couldn’t name something.”

She couldn’t name something likely because she was just doing what her trendy liberal friends told her to do.

Other students either weren’t interested in the subject matter or couldn’t give concrete answers.  The video footage proved irrefutably that the millennial iPhone generation is lost and confused regarding America’s political system.  Their version of the “American Dream” appears to be free government handouts – the antithesis of what made this nation great in the first place.

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  1. Not very well educated voting for Nazis, Communists, Authoritarians, and Totalitarians.
    They’ll change their minds once everything is taken from them!

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