Video: Pro-Choice Protesters Asked When Life Begins

Their answers were despicable.     


Pro-choice protesters at the U.S. Supreme Court had trouble answering simple questions on Wednesday about when they believe life begins. Some struggled to share their perspective while others didn’t even answer the question at all.

Protesters gathered around the Supreme Court to build arguments for the substantial Whole Woman’s Health vs Hellerstedt case, which involves a Texas law that requires abortion clinics to meet certain medical/safety standards and has been credited with saving 10,000 babies lives.

In the video below, journalists from The Blaze confront pro-abortion protesters to ask when they believe human life begins:

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  1. Life begins at the moment of conception, Actually before.
    When a man and woman mate, each supplies one half of that life. When those two halves are conjoined, life automatically begins for a single organism. Thus, life FACTUALLY begins at the moment of conception (completion).
    Normally 24 hours or less!

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