Proof: Trump University Received an “A” Grade From BBB, Megyn Kelly Lied

Megyn Kelly blatantly lied at last night’s GOP Debate.   

Last night saw Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Megyn Kelly team up to attack Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump for the plurality of the Fox News GOP debate, with one argument in particular centering around a lawsuit over “Trump University” in which some graduates recently claimed they were defrauded.

The lawsuit, which was filed as a result of some attendees failing to land high-paying jobs upon graduating from the school, will undoubtedly not hold up in court should it lead to that point.

Megyn Kelly likely recognized that the case didn’t have legs, which prompted the Fox News moderator to allege that Trump University received a “D” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

It was a lie.

Trump himself just released a screenshot of the actual rating his University received from the BBB:

As you can see, the document above clearly shows that Trump University received an “A” grade which substantiates what the billionaire mogul said multiple times on the debate stage last night.

The attacks from establishment puppets designed to stop Trump have been heightened recently as the GOP frontrunner continues to gain momentum ahead of the Republican convention.  Unfortunately for the corporate media, it’s going to take a lot more than lying about Trump University to thwart this revolutionary political movement.


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  2. As the Donald has stated the charges against him are in the the hands of the courts…It is the court and only the court who can dismiss these law suits or find Donald Trump guilty as charged…This may take several years for the courts to decide…Meaning that Trump is following the rule of law of which the courts will determine a final decision…Trump says he expects to win…And now ladies and gentlemen of the public court what say you about the Clinton foundation?

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