Mike Huckabee: Trump Movement Is A “Peaceful Overthrow of the Government”

Says Trump supporters are sick and tired of the donor class -.  


Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee told Fox News today that the Donald Trump movement is predicated on a large portion of the GOP base who have grown tired of the corporate donor class.  He said the phenomenon was a peaceful “overthrow of the government” and that the establishment ought to be glad it’s being done with “ballets not bullets”.

He continued, “people in Washington need to recognize the reason that Trump is winning is because (his supporters) feel like people in Washington have helped them lose and they’re sick of it.”

“The donor class runs the political environment in this country and people are waking up to that and they are tired of it,” he argued.

Huckabee also labeled the 2016 election cycle as an “overthrow of the government” while adding that “we ought to be glad that it is a peaceful revolution with ballots rather than one with bullets.”

The former governor and outspoken Christian said the Republican establishment was guilty of treating Trump’s supporters horribly while trying to select a neocon candidate instead of allowing the people to rally behind their choice.

The interview has been posted below:

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  1. Wrong. People in Washington and the Administration have robbed us long enough. The Establishment has Embezzled Billions of Taxpayers Dollars and left this Country in debt and turmoil, AND THEY EXPECT US TO LIKE IT!
    About famed time Someone actually stood up for THE PEOPLE!

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