Super Tuesday Scam: Reports of Election Fraud Coming Out of Texas

Votes switching from Trump to Rubio.  


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Sources have confirmed that Marco Rubio will see inflated numbers coming out of the Texas primary where electronic voting machines have been giving him fake votes.  Republicans called into local radio stations today complaining that their votes for Trump were incorrectly marked for Rubio at various precincts across the state.

According to KLBJ, “computer freezeups” and other “glitches” are causing voting snafus at locations all around Travis County.

Sources tell us that the Trump campaign is seriously concerned about reports of fraud coming in from Texas and that the March 15 primary in Ohio is also a worry.  Source


The establishment is clearly circling the wagons in an attempt to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.  As a result of recent polls showing that Trump is dominating the field in many of the “Super” Tuesday states – the elite appears to have resorted to open and obvious fraud.


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  1. Someone has tampered with those machines, there is no doubt! Those things run by computer. Someone watches them, maintains them, and SETS THE PROGRAMS TO DO WHAT THEY WANT THEM TO DO, or to WORK properly.
    Someone has very dirty hands!

  2. It just happened to be an accident…a voting machine failure…the Republican establishment wouldn’t mark Rubio in for a fix…would they?

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