The Political Establishment Must Go: U.S. Government 2015 Net Worth at Negative $18.2 Trillion

Article from Barry Secrest’s Conservative Refocus highlights federal government waste and fraud.  



By Barry Secrest

The news is out on the financial outlook for the US, in 2016, and it’s not very good at all, after nearly 8 long years under the control of progressive Obama and the forever spineless ‘establishment GOP.’

Suffice it to inquire, “can you say “Cloward-Piven?”

While the US media will constantly trot out every available measure known to man, when it comes to the US versus the world under the stewardship of Obama, they never seem to bring up taxes and deficits, so why is that?

The answer to this particular question lies firmly wrapped within an easily explainable irony, wrapped in an enigma.

It’s because the US taxes overall wealth at a rate so dizzying, even Midas, himself, would blush, and that’s still not even close to being enough.

Despite America’s debt now approaching $ 20 Trillion dollars, and despite collecting nearly half again as much revenue as it did in previous years, our debt has already reached into the stratosphere of the unmanageable, and it’s still building magnificently, or should that be even more tragically?

If we add the world’s other top (3) most populated countries of China, India, and Indonesia, with a total combined population of 2.9 Billion people, as opposed to the US population of 320 million, total tax revenues  [of almost half of the world’s population] would still not come even close to collected US tax revenues, and that’s with only 5% of the world’s total population.

With a total of $2.68 trillion of tax revenues for the three most populous countries, in 2015, the record US total of $ $ 3.25 trillion collected for 2015, dwarfs almost half of the world’s top three most populous countries combined.

Even worse, the largest country, China, despite being a Communist nation, taxes wealth and or income at almost half the rate of the “leader of the free world,” and with US congressional blessings.

America has a tax & spend bureaucratic crisis that no one wishes to look at–even worse–the two Democrat candidates running for President believe that even the current paradigm of ridiculously extravagant taxation still isn’t quite enough, and are demanding even more.

The reason America is limping along both economically & culturally is because the Federal government is taking a third more in wealth, from both businesses and individuals, than it ever did before, in its entire long history and the impact of this is now being felt in ways rarely imagined.

Even worse, much of these taxes are being redistributed to non-producing liabilities, in the form of individuals who’re not working, whether it be because they’re uninspired, or otherwise.


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  1. Its not the lack of taxation in America that is the problem. It is the lack of taxation of Foreign Businesses that is the problem, along with Government spending
    Tax Foreign Businesses if they wish to sell their products here. Tax them access for shipping their products into this country.
    Cut some countries Foreign auto trade.
    And definitely STOP Government spending, and Government wage hikes. They do not deserve it, and have NOT earned it!

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