Laid Off Disney Worker Recalls Training His Foreign Replacement, Cries Before Senate Panel

Laid off Disney worker reveals how he was treated by his former employer, who forced him to train his foreign replacement.  


A former Disney IT worker who was laid off and forced to train his foreign replacement broke down in tears before a Senate panel on 2/25 while sharing his story.  Breitbart reported that many of his colleagues also revealed their emotional roller coaster story which ended with them on the unemployment line.

“During the holiday season of 2014, I was sent a meeting invitation by a prominent Disney executive. With an excellent review in hand along with company announcements of record profits my mind buzzed with thoughts of a promotion or a bonus,” Leo Perrero told the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest. “I walked into a small conference room with about two dozen highly respected fellow IT workers. The Disney executive made a harsh announcement to us all.”

According to Perrero, the harsh announcement was that Disney was firing him and his colleagues after 90 days for the purpose of replacing them with cheaper, foreign workers.

“Your jobs have been given over to a foreign workforce,” Perrero recanted in front of the committee. “In the meantime, you will be training your replacements until your jobs are 100 percent transferred over to them and if you don’t cooperate you will not receive any severance pay.”

Perrero said that the one “glimmer of hope” he had following the meeting was that there were new employment opportunities at Disney, but that hope quickly dissolved when he learned that just four people were “directly rehired.”

During the meeting Perrero revealed that he began to worry not only about his future but the future of American job opportunities.  The feeling was that Disney’s move was one that might sweep the corporate sector leading to an even bigger rise in unemployment.

“Later that same day I remember very clearly going to the local church pumpkin sale and having to tell the kids that we could not buy any because my job was going over to a foreign worker,” he said as he became increasingly emotional.

“I started to think what kind of American was I becoming? Was I going to become part of ruining our country by taking severance pay in exchange for training my foreign replacement? How many other American families would be affected by the same foreign worker that I trained?”

Perrero recalled the feeling of humiliation he felt at the prospect of training his foreign replacement, someone that was taking his livelihood away.

“The final period of the 90 days was the most disgraceful and demoralizing, as we had to watch the foreign workers completely take over our jobs. And we came to grips that the upcoming Disney jobs promise didn’t exist. Then finally on January 31st of 2015 we were forced to turn in our company badges, laptops and then ushered out the door,” he said.

The session ended with Perrero once again warning that what happened to him was not an anomaly and that the same abuse “is happening nationwide.”

It’s clear that the indignity of training a cheap foreign worker is unimaginable.  Furthermore, it’s obvious that the Disney employees who saw their jobs get handed over undeservedly as a result of corporate greed deserved more than a measly “severance” package.

If this is going to be the new norm, America’s economic outlook could be worse than originally forecasted.

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  1. Are these foreign workers Muslim or illegal Mexican immigrants?

  2. Well, that settles that. Anything and everything that Disney has to offer is banned in my home, and Disney world can go to hell.
    America is not AMERICA anymore!

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