Australian Politician Proposes 10-Year Ban on Muslim Immigration

And nobody bats an eye.  


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Australian politician Kirralie Smith proposed a 10-year hiatus on Muslim immigration in a proclamation made on 2/22 according to this source. She reportedly said Islamic values weren’t compatible with “our democratic values of freedom” before saying that she’d like them banned from entering the country.

Smith spoke more about her position in a recent interview with Sky News in which she promoted her new political party and talked about the “Islamisation” issue which she said was one of the party’s key pillars.

“We need to have an honest debate,” she said, before saying that she is not concerned with offending Muslims.

“I’m not worried because I think that there are enough indicators that we have some serious issues already.” Smith continued, “Islam is more than a religion, it’s a totalitarian ideology with political ideology.”

She cited fears that Islamists won’t assimilate into new communities – fears that are grounded in fact based on the skyrocketing crime rate in Europe which has been directly attributed to Muslim migrants.

One policy Smith proposed was to force Mosques to sign a “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” treaty before opening, a measure that would be targeted specifically at the Islamic community.

Smith concluded by suggesting that Australia should ban Muslim immigration to the country for up to a decade. While some media outlets in the region published negative reports on the interview, the Australian politician’s comments drew only an ounce of the vitriol in comparison to the announcement Donald Trump made about a similar plan for the United States, a clear double standard.

Smith’s new party, entitled “The Australian Liberty Alliance,” is quickly gaining support among conservatives in the area. It is characterized by a rejection of political correctness and an unrestrained love for freedom.

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4 Comments on "Australian Politician Proposes 10-Year Ban on Muslim Immigration"

  1. Now there is a smart politician! It would have been much better for her to propose Lifetime bans, in fact, COMPLETE EXILE to any possibility of Extremist Muslims. Consistent and thorough sreening of Muslims immigrating to any nation should be profusely considered!
    I bow to you Kirralie Smith, and support your endeavor to be a TRUE PROTECTOR of the country of Austrailia!

  2. She is 100% correct the goat-shaggers! I wonder if this new Australian party will also push to sh*t can the fascist gun laws/prohibitions that have been enacted?

    • Hopefully they will revoke all gun laws, in that the Austrailians should have the complete right to protect their families and country as well.
      The Extremist Muslims are covering all countries at an immensely rapid rate, and should therefore be dealt with with prejudice and justice!

      • I think we’re going to see a major shift in thinking when it comes to Australian politics as a result of this new conservative party. This woman seems like she’s really smart and I love the policies she has proposed. Also, notice how in Australia coming out against Muslims doesn’t get nearly as much bad press as it does here. When Trump announces his Muslim ban everyone attacked him like rabid wolves!

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