Bill Clinton Snaps At Veteran: “Shut Up And Listen To My Answer!”

Bill snaps at veteran who asked about Benghazi at campaign rally for Hillary.  

At a recent campaign rally for Hillary’s campaign on 2/26 at Bluffton, South Carolina, a former U.S. Marine interrupted Bill Clinton’s speech to ask about what Hillary would do as president to reform the VA.

Clinton stammered while the Marine shared his perspective on how poorly veterans have been treated in America before bringing up Hillary’s negligence in the Benghazi attack.

“What do you think should be done with the VA?” Clinton asked.

“The thing is, we had four lives in Benghazi killed and your wife tried to cover it up,” the Marine responded.

“Are you going to let me answer?” Clinton said. “I heard your speech, they heard your speech, you listen to me now.”

Bill finally lost it and said, “Shut up and listen to my answer, I’ll answer it.”

Security kicked The Marine out but another woman jumped into the verbal altercation and yelled “Hillary lied over four coffins” while a man near her screamed “bullshi*t!”  The rally rapidly devolved into a shouting match as other protesters courageously stood up for the families of those lost in Benghazi.

Bill never answered their questions.

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  1. Isn’t that just like the Clinton’s. Always evading the truth!

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