Judge Drops Bombshell, Threatens To Release Everything On Hillary’s Private Server

Judge Emmet Sullivan calls for a subpoena of Hillary’s server, a move that could end Clinton’s presidential candidacy.  

Rare reported on 2/24 that a federal judge is threatening to subpoena Hillary Clinton’s personal server in order to extract emails deemed “personal” by  Hillary’s lawyer.

“How on earth can the court conclude there is not at minimum a reasonable suspicion of bad faith?” Judge Emmet G. Sullivan told The Washington Times.

A lawsuit brought about by Judicial Watch is demanding unilateral access to Clinton’s emails in order to determine if the former Secretary of State broke federal law. Sources say Hillary stored classified information on a private server which could have threatened America’s national security.

Since the onset of what has been dubbed the “Clinton Email Scandal,” Hillary has repeatedly denied that she sent or received classified material despite the claim being a blatant lie.

Clinton sent and received 30,000 other emails that have never been turned over because they supposedly deal with Chelsea Clinton’s wedding and Hillary’s yoga schedule. And we should remember that the emails we do have reveal conflicts of interest, hacking attempts by the Russians, and up to 22 emails containing data so sensitive that the contents cannot be released publicly. Another 1,700 emails have classified information.

As it stands, we still don’t know why Clinton was allowed to use this private server, what its purpose was, and how many of her fellow State Department employees knew she was using an unsecured email address. Seeing the rest of Clinton’s emails might give us those answers.  Source

Judge Sullivan said Clinton should not have been given control over which emails officials could release.  Instead, he said said an open-records officer should have conducted the review.

Clinton’s Campaign manager Robby Mook recently brushed off the scandal, telling CNN that it was just a Republican right-wing Conspiracy:

“Our campaign is accustomed to these right-wing attacks, and they’re going to continue,” he said.

As Secretary of State, Clinton put the entire nation’s security at risk by using an unsecured server to conduct Justice Department business and send/receive classified information. As a result, the FBI rightfully investigated the case and even gave Hillary free reign to decide which emails to hand over.  That doesn’t sound like much of a conspiracy.

In fact, it reads more like a cover-up.


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