YouGov Poll: Less Than One Third Of Women Are Feminists

Women turn away from the satanic feminist movement -. 


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YouGov published a poll on 2/22 revealing that less than one third of women identify as feminists and 40% of them believe feminism is “too extreme.”

The prospect of a female president has caused controversy among liberal feminists as they battle each other over whether it is more important to support Hillary Clinton or the self-described socialist Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries. Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright criticized young women who are supporting Bernie Sanders, with Steinem even saying that this was because they were seeking attention from men. Given how few Americans describe themselves as feminists, however, the debate may not sway that many votes.  Source

The poll also showed that 53% of Americans do not identify as feminists while just over a quarter (26%) do, a number that accounts for just one third of women and less than one fifth of men.

Younger Americans under the age of 30 were slightly more likely to identify with feminism. The most common response from those who rejected the label was that “feminists are too extreme” at 40% with “feminists are anti-men” following at 18%.

The poll indicated that over the last year, more women have been able to distinguish the apparent dissimilarity between true female empowerment and the satanic feminist movement.

Social Justice psychopaths are quickly learning the hard way that Cultural Marxism cannot compete with Cultural Libertarianism, a social movement developed to promote freedom and liberty as opposed to a totalitarian stranglehold on language and culture.

Feminists likely responded to the poll by calling for the evil male patriarchs who designed it to be thrown into concentration camps.

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