#BlackLivesMatter Founders: Defending The Constitution Is Defending White Supremacy

Black Lives Matter founders go after constitutionalists and patriots at university event.  


Campus Reform reported that #BlackLivesMatter founders Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi told Mizzou students at an event on 2/18 that supporting the constitution means supporting “white supremacy.”

They also said the goal of the constitution was to make an agreement between the states which were built on the backs of black slaves.

Garza and Tometi peddled the notion that defending the founding document of the United States was racist:

“The people vowing to protect the Constitution are vowing to protect white supremacy and genocide,” Garza said. Of course, she failed to devulge further details on how exactly free speech or the right to keep and bear arms has anything to do with race.

She claimed it would “take white people, who benefit from this system of white supremacy” to stand up and say “we’re not gonna take it anymore.”

The Black Lives Matter founders then quickly turned their vitriol towards capitalism, noting that “What we know about our world is that we depend on each other to survive, and that’s not what our economic system teaches us.”

The George Soros-funded militant group designed to divide and conquer the population seemed more angry than usual at the University of Missouri event.  Their sights appear to be firmly set on demonizing constitutionalists based on arguments grounded purely in fiction.

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  1. What a bunch of trash! I’m so sick of these people!

  2. Here’s a very simple solution to confirm “Black Lives Matter”.

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