Confirmed: Jeb Bush Will Suspend Campaign On Sunday (Updated)

Rumors swirl that Bush will suspend his campaign following a lackluster finish at Saturday’s primary.  Update: Jeb drops out. 


Update 2/21: Jeb Bush officially announced that he is suspending his campaign following a pitiful performance at the South Carolina primary on Saturday.  Good riddance to low energy Jeb!

According to Erick Erickson of The Resurgent, sources within the Jeb Bush campaign said the ex-Florida governor will end his White House bid on Sunday barring a miracle finish at the South Carolina primary due a lack of funds.

After spending hundreds of millions of dollars, the Bush Super PAC reportedly now has less than $15 million available.

Although Bush campaign representatives quickly denied this story, Erick Erickson said today that he stands by his report.  Additionally, Phil Kerpen Tweeted that a Wall Street source told him Jeb will drop out unless he finishes in a “strong third” place position Saturday in South Carolina.

In an election that has been dictated by voters who are sick and tired of the political establishment, Jeb Bush and his “centrist” (aka liberal) neocon message never resonated with the American people.  Jeb not only took millions from corporate lobbyists and special interests, he said things like illegals cross the border as an “act of love” and even expressed support for Common Core making it obvious that he was nothing more than a globalist shill.

If the rumors are true, Bush’s campaign will go down in the annals of history as one of the biggest failures of our time. The man who was pegged and anointed as the Republican nominee nearly two years before a single vote was cast monumentally disappointed his establishment puppet masters and the rest of his criminal family.

Good riddance.

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