Leaked Report: Muslim Refugees Committed Over 200,000 Crimes Between 2014 And 2015

Bombshell report reveals the extent of the crime refugees have brought to Europe.  


Refugees committed over 200,000 crimes between 2014 and 2015 according to a leaked report from Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Agency. The Daily Caller reported today that the report was only supposed to be seen by law enforcement and other government officials before ending up in a German newspaper.

The document proves irrefutably that Islamic refugees have been responsible for 208,344 crimes between 2014 and 2015. Of those crimes, 32 percent were asset or fraud offences with 33 percent due to theft. A total of 1,688 were sexual offenses with 458 cases of rape or coercion.

Not all ethnic groups were equal in the amount of crimes committed. Viewed proportionally, there were more offenders from Eritrea, Nigeria and countries from the Balkans like Serbia and Albania. In absolute numbers, Syrians committed 24 percent of refugee crimes, but Serbs only comprised 2 percent of the refugee population and managed to account for an incredible 13 percent of crimes.  Source

The report did not include the reported cases of rape and sexual assault in Cologne, Germany on New Years Eve which saw 500 different incidences occur at the hands of migrants.

This exclusion skewed the data slightly.

Due to undesirable behavior and skyrocketing crime rates in the region, tensions have been rising over whether or not European leaders should continue to import millions of Muslim refugees from the Middle East.

A German teen compounded tensions when she released a video in January calling on German officials to halt the flow of refugees into the country, citing fears of being raped while on a routine trip to the supermarket.

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  1. Liberals should be held accountable for this!!

  2. And the Liberals want these things to happen, Obama as well. Bring crime into a nation, allow it to get out of control, declare Martial Law indefinitely.
    Who is going to stop them with our Military abroad in other nations defending them. And our Government (Career Politicians) chose to ignore the Intelligence and documentation to confirm attacks on our nation.
    Yet, even through all this, and all these years, they still ignore “The People”, for their own gain. And our so called “President” is helping them do it.
    Enough is truly about to be enough#

    • Absolutely correct. You hit the nail on the head brother. Our puppet President Obama wants to flood our nation with these animals for the purpose of a manufactured clash of civilizations which he could then use to suspend the constitution. It’s out in the open and people like you see it which gives me hope.

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