Unanswered Questions On Justice Scalia’s Death, Was He Murdered?

Justice Scalia’s death raises unanswered questions -. 


The surprising death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has raised some questions on whether or not the conservative judge was murdered by the elite.  Any time a prominent person in the field of politics or law suddenly passes away, it’s prudent to ask questions and remain vigilant in order to get answers.

Questions Regarding Scalia’s Death:

Why did Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara announce Justice Scalia’s death was a result of “natural causes” without even seeing the body?

Given the shady circumstances of Scalia’s passing, why did authorities quickly embalm his body thereby preventing pathologists from performing an autopsy?

Why was there no autopsy despite the fact that Scalia’s body clearly exhibited signs of foul play?

Why was Barack Obama told about the death of Scalia before an announcement was made to the general public?.

Why was Justice Scalia found dead with a pillow covering his face?  Was it a warning?

It appears that the general public is equally as skeptical as some journalists about this case, a new poll revealed today that 79% said they suspected foul play.

There’s no question that the elite would have had ample reason to silence the conservative Supreme Court judge who opposed open borders, rigged elections, gun grabbing, Obamacare and other leftist policy positions.



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  1. Why did they not have U.S. Marshall guarding him? Why was it claimed “Natural Causes” when it was obvious of a pillow over his face? Why was a toxicology exam and autopsy refused? Why was the body embalmed Before performing all necessary exams which would prove/disprove foul play? Why are they covering up all evidence?
    Can someone say “Conspiracy to commit Treason”? Can someone say that a “hit was ordered to remove a barrier to pass unconstitutional Bills into Law”.
    Can someone say that “Antonin Scalia was the Only one standing in Obama’s way to rulership”. I smell spoiled Obama and LIBERALS having temper tantrums! Very dangerous ones too.

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