Jeb Bush Stole Land From Disabled War Veteran In 2005

Hypocrite Jeb has been going after Donald Trump for imminent domain use despite stealing land from a war veteran as Florida governor.  


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Jeb Bush has repeatedly attacked Donald Trump for his use of imminent domain at campaign stops and televised debates, but according to disabled war veteran Jesse Hardy, Jeb used the measure to steal his property in 2005.  Hardy wrote a blog post today detailing Bush’s contemptible use of imminent domain as Florida governor.

On April 12, 2005, Hardy received a letter from Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection agency in which the state had requested to take his land. Jesse responded by hiring attorneys to defend his property and fend off the government. Hardy hired respected advocate Charlie Forman who offered the disabled war veteran an opportunity to defeat the state and retain his land.

Forman didn’t hold up his end of the bargain.

“As we progressed through the ongoing negotiations, he seemed to not want to fight for my land, and he seemed anxious to settle.” Hardy wrote. “Charlie would tell me that they (DEP) would keep coming back again and again, and that they were going to get my property, one way or the other.”

Hardy told Forman that there was “no reason for them (the state) to take” the land therefore he wanted to continue fighting.

“Here I was, trying to be a good citizen, I fought for my country, this was all totally beyond my comprehension,” he wrote.  “I did not want to lose my home!”

His attorney maintained that he had to settle with the government and turnover his property. Hardy reluctantly followed through with a monetary settlement but he was monumentally ripped off by the state in the process. He reportedly tried to negotiate further with the DEP but ultimately couldn’t strike a deal that would more adequately compensate him.


Attorney Charlie Forman was bought and paid for by then Florida governor Jeb Bush.

“I would do anything to get my land back even if I didn’t have anything else left,” Hardy wrote. “I would feel much better with nothing, knowing I had fought as hard as I could, than to have the sick feelings I have now, just knowing it’s all gone.”

While Bush has incessantly attacked rival Donald Trump over his use of imminent domain, Hardy’s story proves that Jeb not only participated in land grabbing himself – he also used shameful tactics to steal property from a disabled war veteran . In addition, Bush blatantly lied at the 2/13 CBS News debate when he wrongfully claimed that his family, not him, used imminent domain in the past.


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