Liberal Blogger: I’m “Relieved” At Scalia’s Death Because He Opposed Gay Marriage

There are no words to describe the mental illness known as modern day liberalism.


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Sara Benincasa of didn’t wait for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s body to go cold before writing a classless article on a dopey liberal website on 2/13.  The leftist explained that she was “relieved” after hearing about Scalia’s death because he opposed gay marriage.

Benincasa stated that Scalia “sought to take it (joy) away from so many people” and she can summon “at best, relief” as a result of his death.   She also claimed that he “actively ruined lives” due to his beliefs on traditional marriage.

I’m sorry, am I supposed to be RESPECTFULLY SAD that a racist anti-gay non-elected official with the power to rule my personal life died?


He said my friends and I shouldn’t be able to have families.

Am I supposed to “respect” that?  Source

Hey, sweetheart, he said you shouldn’t have families because homosexual parenting has been proven to be dysfunctional by respected psychologists.  Considering that you would likely raise your children to celebrate the death of another human being because of a differing view on politics, I too support Scalia’s notion that you are unfit to raise children.

Scalia’s death revealed, once again, the pure intolerance and hatred exhibited by the regressive left. Supreme court justices interpret the constitutionality of a case that is brought before the court. That’s what they do. Justice Scalia’s interpretation of the constitution didn’t make him a “homophobic racist,” it made him a stalwart defender of liberty.

Ladies and gentlemen, these people will go as far as to celebrate another man’s death to push their warped and distorted worldview. They are literally “relieved” about another human being DYING because he opposed homosexual marriage. Folks, this is a new level of mental illness.

The writer continues by complaining about Scalia’s opposition to same-sex marriage again before asking her readers if she is “supposed to not speak ill of a man who spoke ill of so many of us.”

It’s as if she is part of a militant cult.

Show me a man who gives a flying heck about people he’ll never meet — the poor, the downtrodden, the oppressed, the lonely — and I’ll feel bad he passed away in his sleep, peacefully, on some fancy hunting trip on a luxury resort. You know, like the trips he took with Dick Cheney. I’m not sure how Scalia justified his stance on homosexual rights to a pal who has a daughter who is a public figure and has long been out of the closet, but hey, hunting’s fun!

I shall now continue to speak ill of the dead. Source

Just when you thought Social Justice Warriors couldn’t sink to a new low, a leftist psychopath writes an article specifically designed to dehumanize people who disagree with the LGBT agenda.  Please excuse me while I throw up.

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