“Sexist” Donald Trump Once Saved A Woman’s Farm From Foreclosure

Sexist Trump saved woman’s farm from foreclosure in September 1986.  

Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump once saved a woman’s farm from foreclosure in September 1986. Farm owner Anabel Hill, 66 at the time, faced an auction that would have resulted in a Waynesboro, Georgia farm being taken away from her family who lived there for five generations.

Moments before the scheduled auction, Hill tried to save the property with life insurance money from her husband’s death.  It wasn’t enough.  The debts exceeded $300,000 and resulted from two years of drought that Hill said ruined her life.  It was an unaffordable price for her to pay.

That’s when Donald Trump came in:

“I saw a story on the news about Annabel Hill, who’d hit bottom,” The Donald writes in his book The America We Deserve.

“It was a very sad situation, and I was moved,” Trump writes in The Art of the Deal. “Here were people who’d worked very hard and honestly all their lives, only to see it all crumble before them. To me, it just seemed wrong.”  Source

Trump reached out to help save the farm:

“The next morning, I called and got some vice president on the line,” writes Trump. “I explained that I was a businessman from New York, and that I was interested in helping Mrs. Hill. He told me he was sorry, but that it was too late. They were going to auction off the farm, he said, and ‘nothing or no one is going to stop it.’”  Source

Then, he talked tough to the banker:

“That really got me going,” he writes. “I said to the guy: ‘You listen to me. If you do foreclose, I’ll personally bring a lawsuit for murder against you and your bank, on the grounds that you harassed Mrs. Hill’s husband to his death.’ All of a sudden the bank officer sounded very nervous and said he’d get right back to me. Sometimes it pays to be a little wild.”

“An hour later I got a call back from the banker, and he said, ‘Don’t worry, we’re going to work it out, Mr. Trump.’”  Source

Trump worked with Frank Argenbright to put up money to help save the farm for Hill. They started a donation drive designed to collect the remaining funds necessary to pay the debt.

The charity saved her farm and Hill, who passed away at age 91, said during her last days that she was eternally grateful:

“The only way I can explain it was God touched his heart,” she famously told New York Magazine.

The story contrasts greatly from the failed liberal narrative that Donald Trump is a “sexist.”  Share this article with your friends and family  to fight back against the propaganda and disinformation being perpetuated by the mainstream media.

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