Homosexuals File Complaint Against Christian T-Shirt Maker

Gay advocacy group goes after Christian for refusing to print “Pride” T-shirts.  


Source: WND

Religious liberty is under attack.

A homosexual organization recently demanded that a Christian T-shirt maker in Kentucky produce new pro-gay shirts that would violate his faith, according to WND.

Managing owner of Hands-On Originals and proud Christian Blaine Adamson is fighting to defend his first amendment rights in the Kentucky State Court of Appeals against a homosexual advocacy group.  The Gay Lesbian Service Organization has been trying to force the T-shirt maker to produce messages that would directly conflict with his deeply held beliefs.

“Protecting Blaine’s freedom affirms everyone’s freedom, no matter the nature of their beliefs or convictions,” said ADF Senior Counsel Jim Campbell. “The government shouldn’t be able to force citizens to create speech that conflicts with their deepest convictions, and the trial court’s decision rightly affirmed that.”  Source

Adamson recently refused to print shirts promoting a “Pride” event sanctioned by a homosexual organization in the area.  He tried explaining that his objections stem from the event itself and the lifestyle it promotes as opposed to the people involved, but the GLSO filed a discrimination complaint anyway.

The Alliance Defending Freedom, who has been defending Adamson in the case, explained that the T-shirt maker has regularly refused jobs that violated his faith in the past – such messages included shirts that glorify strip clubs and pornography.

He instead referred customers to shops that don’t oppose the material.

ADF released the following statement:

“That constitutional principle, at issue because Mr. Adamson declined to produce advocacy materials for the Gay and Lesbian Services Organization (GLSO), protects all individuals, regardless of their beliefs,” the ADF brief explains.

“It is thus no surprise that ‘a lesbian owned and operated T-shirt company…,’ and groups that ‘strongly support[]…gay rights…,’ have publicly supported HOO. For just as surely as the First Amendment protects HOO against the GLSO’s discrimination claim, it also forecloses a religious-discrimination claim against an LGBT printer who refuses to create materials that disparage gays and lesbians. Thus, a ruling for HOO upholds the freedom of all who are asked to produce expression that they consider objectionable,” the filing explains.

“The government has no good reason for overriding a person’s freedom to peacefully live out his beliefs,” added co-counsel Bryan Beauman with Sturgill, Turner, Barker & Moloney, PLLC, of Lexington. “Everyone who contacts Blaine gets the expressive materials they’re looking for, because he will either create the expression for them or refer them to someone who will. It’s intolerant to insist that Blaine’s business must produce expression that violates his beliefs.” Source

The LGBT community can try to play the “victim” card  but the reality is, they have enjoyed preferential treatment over the last several years while Christians have been slowly ostracized and marginalized from society.

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