U.N. Document Pushes Abortion, Attacks Traditional Family

U.N. document demands Poland introduce easier access to abortions.  


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A document produced by the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child recently provoked outrage from the largely conservative population in Poland.

A local newspaper said the document looked like “it was written at the request of leftist politicians.”

Evidently, the U.N. wrote the document for the purpose of “making the conditions for abortion less restrictive and, in relation to adolescent girls, to reflect the right of the child to express her views and the best interests of the child.” It also called for Poland to “establish clear standards for a uniform and non-restrictive interpretation of the conditions for legal abortion and relevant procedures.”

It doesn’t end there, the U.N. also announced its intention to end “windows of life,” rooms built for mothers to leave unwanted children (instead of aborting them).

“That is a bizarre situation if the Committee on the Rights of the Child calls to ensure that these children can be killed. It is a schizophrenic situation. We have yet another example of how European institutions and international organisations are made to serve a specific purpose.” Source

In addition, the document criticized the Polish government and said that “gender stereotypes concerning the roles and responsibilities of women and men in the family and society persist” in the very conservative nation.  Another section of the paper called for law enforcement to enforce new “hate crime” laws designed to imprison offenders “motivated by racism, xenophobia and homophobia” despite the left using those terms to describe virtually everyone.

Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy Stanislaw Szwed responded by reassuring locals that the Polish government will ignore the U.N. decree and not touch their country’s abortion law.

The nation is proudly conservative and recently saw its Law and Justice Party, which is dedicated to protecting the nuclear family and traditional values, win the parliamentary election.

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