Jeb Bush Mocks Question On Secret 9/11 Documents

Bush mocks question on missing pages from 9/11 report.  

Infowars journalist Richard Reeves confronted Jeb Bush today about the 28 redacted pages of the 9/11 commission report which still haven’t been released to the public.

The GOP presidential candidate nervously responded to a question about the classified pages saying, “Yeah, sure. Yeah, I’d like to see them. Do you have them?” before quickly walking away.

Jeb likely wouldn’t elaborate due to allegations that Saudi Arabia had ties to the terrorists who perpetrated the attacks.  Moreover, both the Obama and Bush administrations have refused to declassify the pages citing a “national security” risk despite members of congress who read the pages saying “security” isn’t a legitimate concern.  Source

If there’s nothing to hide, one must wonder why the pages remain a secret.

For victims of the September 11th tragedy, Jeb’s sarcastic answer to a legitimate question on the truth regarding 9/11 ought to be seen as an insult.

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  1. Trump wouldn’t walk away for this question…he would demand answers from the powers that be why those 28 pages have not been released to the public…and or who gave orders not to release them and for what purpose…Don’t be surprised is Barack Obama had something to do with retaining those pages.

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