Twitter Partners With Feminists And Islamists To Restrict Free Speech

Twitter introduces new movement designed to suppress free speech.  


Infowars’ Kit Daniels reported today that Twitter recently introduced a “Trust and Safety Council” to protect feminists and Islamists from “abuse, harassment and bullying,” which could be the catalyst for Twitter to eradicate free speech on their platform.

One could argue that policies designed to “prevent abuse” are troublesome because “hate speech” is completely arbitrary.  For example, the perpetually offended P.C. police characterized phrases such as “the most qualified person will get the job” as a “microaggression” in 2015.

Twitter itself has already labeled disagreement as “abusive behavior” according to their new terms of service which now allows feminists and Islamists to ban users who commit thought crimes.


The popular social media platform released the following statement on their “Safety Council” today to provide more context:

As we develop products, policies, and programs, our Trust & Safety Council will help us tap into the expertise and input of organizations at the intersection of these issues more efficiently and quickly. In developing the Council, we are taking a global and inclusive approach so that we can hear a diversity of voices from organizations including:

Safety advocates, academics, and researchers focused on minors, media literacy, digital citizenship, and efforts around greater compassion and empathy on the Internet;

Grassroots advocacy organizations that rely on Twitter to build movements and momentum;

Community groups with an acute need to prevent abuse, harassment, and bullying, as well as mental health and suicide prevention.  Source

Organizations founded by Islamist and Feminist groups will be protected by Twitter’s new draconian measures which means that being critical of either movement will lead to censorship.

“Most of the groups listed are merely collections of people with an axe to grind, and my, how the lefties do love their acronyms,” a commenter at the Free Republic stated. “They also love their oxymorons: ‘outreach’ and ‘shutting down expression’ are a contradiction in terms yet Twitter is determined to conflate them and to enforce that conflation.”  Source

The establishment is clearly doubling down on free speech as the agenda to closely monitor the internet and shut down all dissent continues to accelerate.

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