Donald Trump Stands Up To Jeb Bush: “Let Me Talk, Quiet”

The highlight of last night’s debate.  


Donald Trump continued to wipe the floor with establishment neocon RINO Jeb Bush, at last night’s ABC News debate, the leading Republican candidate literally “shushed” Jeb on live television.

In what was a heated exchange over Trump’s use of imminent domain, Bush charged that the real estate mogul kicked a woman off her property to grow the size of a parking lot at one of his casinos.  Trump retorted by explaining that the woman in question ultimately refused and ended up settling for a lot of money.

The businessman was then interrupted by Jeb who tried to get a few more attacks in before Trump “shushed” him and said “let me talk, be quiet.”

Nobody stands up to the Bush crime family like Donald Trump, watch the video of the exchange below:

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