High School Students Told To “Choose” Any Of 25 “Gender Options”

U.K. school tells students to choose between 25 genders for government survey.  


Nationalvanguard reported Friday that a school in the United Kingdom gave children an array of 25 different genders to choose from on a government survey.  The list of “identities” included “tri-gender,” “genderqueer,” “demi-boy,” “agender,” and “in the middle of boy and girl.”

Students between the ages of 13 and 18 were required to take the survey which was sponsored by the Children’s Commissioner for England.  The questions on gender-identity didn’t come without some backlash from the community:

According to one columnist in a Brighton newspaper, U.K. schools are “unnecessarily making all teenagers question their basic identity,” while an editorial posted in the Daily Mail called the questions “frankly bizarre,” noting that it only produced “uncertainty and distress in the minds of all-too-vulnerable adolescents.” Source

According to The Argus the survey was meant to reveal “how gender matters to young people.”  In reality, it was an attempt by the state to indoctrinate those same young people into the crazy, cult-like LGBT community which consists of leftists who legitimately believe they can “pick” whether to be a man, a woman or somewhere in between.

It’s worth noting that asking 13-year-old students to identify as whatever gender they feel like is sick, twisted and quite frankly, perverse.  The following is the list they had to choose from:


-All genders


-Bi gender


-Demi boy

-Demi girl


-Gender fluid

-Gender nonconforming



-In the middle of boy and girl


-Non binary

-Not sure

-Others (Seriously?  This list wasn’t long enough?)

-Rather not say


-Trans boy

-Trans girl

-Tri gender

Ladies and gentlemen, this is absolute proof that modern day liberalism is a mental disorder.

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