Obama Signs T.P.P. Agreement, Senator Jeff Sessions Fights Back

Sessions calls on the political establishment to show their true colors.  


President Obama’s trade representative signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership yesterday despite numerous warnings that the agreement would stifle free speech on the internet, outsource American jobs and allocate dictatorial powers to the executive branch.

In response – Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, who has vehemently fought to reject the deal since its inception, called on all Presidential candidates and elected officials to reveal their stance on the globalist trade agreement.

Sessions said:

7,000 miles away, the President’s trade representative just quietly signed a massive, 5,544 page trade deal, with little fanfare from its supporters. Only months ago Congress voted to ‘fast-track’ this deal, despite not knowing its contents.  Source

He was undoubtedly furious about the advancement of the deal and declared that Americans deserve to know who stands with them and who stands with the multinational corporations and special interests.

While real estate tycoon Donald Trump publicly opposed the trade deal in November 2015, Senator Marco Rubio has remained quiet on the issue while working behind closed doors to push it through.

The Republican candidate once endorsed it as a “second pillar” of his “three-pillar” foreign policy.  He also voted for the trade deal to be fast-tracked through congress despite not reading a word of it.

Sessions’ call for transparency was yet another attempt by the Alabama Senator to try and fight back against the destruction of our national sovereignty by big government bureaucrats and globalists.

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