Liberty Under Attack: What To Expect If Hillary Clinton Invades The White House

What to expect if Hillary Clinton becomes president.  


It’s no secret that Hillary Clinton is the Bilderberg pick for President due to her neocon foreign policy and her cozy relationship with corporate lobbyists and special interests on Wall Street.  With the Washington machine behind her, the following is what you can expect under yet another Clinton administration:

Open Borders

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Clinton has previously advocated for completely opening our nation’s borders, not only to illegals from the southern border but also to thousands of Muslim migrants.  It’s common knowledge that illegal immigrants overwhelmingly vote democrat, they’re also used as tools by the elite to advance the welfare state.  There’s no better way to create a culture of dependency than by flooding the country with immigrants from primitive cultures who will depend on big government to live.

Her open border policies will also result in skyrocketing crime rates as illegals have, according to Tom Tancredo’s article on Brietbart, accounted for 30% of murders across the country.

Goodbye Middle Class

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In an attempt to gain the populist vote from low-information liberal voters, Hillary recently promised to raise tax rates on capital gains despite the measure being a job-destroying disaster for the poor and the middle class.

The reality is the United States already has one of the highest capital gains tax rates in the world.  Economic growth stems from capital growth which coincides with more businesses, more jobs and more wealth.

A 2010 study by economist Allen Sinai supports this, finding a cap-gains tax hike “reduces growth in real GDP… (and) lowers employment and productivity.”

It’s an economic truism: When you raise taxes on anything you get less of it. Hillary Clinton’s plan to hike taxes on capital is a recipe for fewer jobs, more income inequality, lower incomes and economic stagnation.

Haven’t we already had that?  Source

Leftists who don’t understand economics wrongfully believe the fiscal policies they support actually help the poor and middle class when in reality they squeeze the life out of the demographic of Americans who need the most tax relief.

A GMO Haven

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Hillary has repeatedly dismissed the dangers of genetically modified foods despite mounting evidence suggesting that GMOs are linked to cancer, kidney damage and hormonal disruption.  Moreover, the leading democratic presidential candidate even admitted herself that Monsanto’s products sound “frankensteinish” – but that didn’t stop her from hiring a Monsanto lobbyist to head her campaign.

If Clinton wins the 2016 election, expect her to take millions of “donations” (bribery money) from the biotech industry in order to push the GMO agenda, outlaw labeling and poison the food supply.

Dragnet Surveillance

George Orwell’s “1984” was never meant to come true, under another Clinton administration – it will.

Hillary not only supports unconstitutional dragnet surveillance, she twice voted in favor of the draconian Patriot Act and she even endorsed a “Manhattan Project” type effort to violate the 4th amendment.

She said at a Democratic presidential debate in December that she would like to institute a “Manhattan-like project” that would “bring the government and the tech communities together to see they’re not adversaries.”

She continued: “It doesn’t do anybody any good if terrorists can move toward encrypted communication that no law enforcement agency can break into before or after. There must be some way. I don’t know enough about the technology, Martha, to be able to say what it is, but I have a lot of confidence in our tech experts.”

Her proposal would allow the tech industry to design a backdoor allowing access to private information arbitrarily by law enforcement agencies.

Crony Capitalism

Image credits: The London Telegraph

The Clinton foundation turned Hillary and Bill into multi-millionaires.

As Secretary of States, Hillary negotiated weapons deals with countries that would then repay her by donating to the Clinton Foundation.  In addition, Bill and Hillary regularly took a percentage of that income for themselves and used their “charitable” organization as a money laundering scheme.

During Hillary’s tenure as head of the Department of State, she made nearly $12 million in speaking fees that topped $335,000 per speech.  In addition to her donation from Goldman Sachs which came recently, Clinton received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Deutcha Bank AG, the World Affairs Council, Cisco, Biotechnology Industry Organization and more.

Business Insider compiled a list of her speaking engagements up to early 2015:

Company Amount Date Location
Biotechnology Industry Organization $335,000 6/25/2014 San Diego, Calif.
Qualcomm Incorporated $335,000 10/14/2014 San Diego, Calif.
Cisco $325,000 8/28/2014 Las Vegas, Nev.
eBay Inc. $315,000 3/11/2015 San Jose, Calif.
Nexenta Systems, Inc. $300,000 8/28/2014 San Francisco, Calif.
GTCR $280,000 6/26/2014 Chicago, Ill.
The Vancouver Board of Trade $275,500 3/5/2014 Vancouver, Canada
Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal $275,000 3/18/2014 Montreal, Canada
Canada 2020 $275,500 10/6/2014 Ottawa, Canada
Cardiovascular Research Foundation $275,000 9/15/2014 Washington, D.C.
Massachusetts Conference For Women $265,500 12/4/2014 Boston, Mass.
Let’s Talk Entertainment Inc. $265,000 4/10/2014 San Jose, Calif.
Let’s Talk Entertainment Inc. $265,000 6/2/2014 Denver, Colo.
Advanced Medical Technology Association $265,000 10/8/2014 Chicago, Ill.
tinePublic Inc. (co-sponsored with the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce) $262,500 1/21/2015 Winnipeg, Canada
tinePublic Inc. (co-sponsored with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) $262,500 1/21/2015 Saskatoon, Canada
A&E Television Networks $280,000 2/27/2014 New York, N.Y.
American Camping Association, New York Section $260,000 3/19/2015 Atlantic City, N.J.
Deutsche Bank AG $260,000 10/7/2014 New York, N.Y.
Drug Chemical and Associated Technologies $250,000 3/13/2014 New York, N.Y.
World Affairs Council-Oregon $250,500 4/8/2014 Portland, Ore.
National Automobile Dealers Association $225,500 1/27/2014 New Orleans, La.
Premier Health Alliance $225,500 1/27/2014 Miami, Fla. $225,500 2/6/2014 Las Vegas, Nev.
Healthcare Information Management and Systems Society $225,500 2/26/2014 Orlando, Fla.
tinePublic Inc. $225,500 3/6/2014 Calgary, Canada
Pharmaceutical Care Management Association $225,500 3/13/2014 Orlando, Fla.
Xerox Corporation $225,000 3/18/2014 New York, N.Y.
Academic Partnerships $225,500 3/24/2014 Dallas, Texas
Marketo, Inc. $225,500 4/8/2014 San Francisco, Calif.
Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries $225,500 4/10/2014 Las Vegas, Nev.
National Council for Behavioral Healthcare $225,500 5/6/2014 Washington, D.C.
International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association $225,500 6/2/2014 Denver, Colo.
United Fresh Produce Association $225,000 6/10/2014 Chicago, Ill.
Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers $225,500 10/13/2014 Colorado Springs, Colo. $225,500 10/14/2014 San Francisco, Calif.
Commercial Real Estate Women Network (CREW Network) $225,500 10/2/2014 Miami Beach, Fla.
Corning Incorporated $225,500 7/29/2014 Corning, N.Y.
Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP $225,500 9/4/2014 San Diego, Calif.
GE $225,500 1/6/2014 Boca Raton, Fla.
Ameriprise $225,500 7/26/2014 Boston, Mass.
Knewton, Inc. $225,500 7/22/2014 San Francisco, Calif.
Watermark’s Silicon Valley Conference for Women $225,500 2/24/2015 Santa Clara, Calif.
Association of Corporate Counsel Southern California $222,500 3/4/2014 Los Angeles, Calif.
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce $150,000 1/22/2015 Whistler, Canada
Innovation Arts and Entertainment $150,000 6/25/2014 San Francisco, Calif.
tinePublic Inc. $150,000 6/16/2014 Toronto, Canada
Innovation Arts and Entertainment $150,000 6/20/2014 Austin, Texas
Novo Nordisk $125,000 2/17/2014 Mexico City, Mexico
California Medical Association $100,000 4/11/2014 San Diego, Calif. (via satellite)
tinePublic Inc. (cosponsored with the Edmonoton Chamber of Commerce) $100,000 6/18/2014 Edmonton, Canada

Remember, that doesn’t even cover most of 2015!

When questioned about receiving money from Goldman Sachs, Clinton simply laughed and never responded.  To this day, she refuses to release the transcript of exactly what she said to the billionaire bankers.

In addition to speaking fees, Clinton has received millions in donations from the ruling elite who aim to control whoever wins the 2016 election.  These have come from corporations like Time Warner, JP Morgan & Chase, 21st Century Fox, Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley.  She is the embodiment of crony capitalism and a testament to how America’s political climate has devolved into a system of legalized bribery.  A system that rewards the global elite for hedging their bets and donating millions to both sides of the spectrum for the purpose of gaining special favors from whoever ends up in the White House.

Even liberal media outlets like The Atlantic have written several articles exposing the Clinton Foundation’s various conflicts of interest.  Conor Friedersorf wrote an article in July 2015 on Hillary intervening to bail out The Swiss Bank UBS through the IRS.  According to Friedersorf, the bank then paid Bill Clinton $1.5 million for speaking engagements while funneling millions more to his foundation.

Welcome To The UN – Bill Clinton

This source confirmed that there are serious reports indicating that Bill Clinton has positioned himself to take over as U.N. Secretary-General if Hillary wins the election. Evidently, Bill spent decades garnering international support from the global elite to make the move.

Larry Nichols, a Clinton insider who once worked for Bill and Hillary, revealed in a September 2015 documentary entitled “The New Clinton Chronicles” that the Clinton team devised a plan for Hillary to install her husband as U.N. ambassador in 1986. They dubbed it the “86” plan, which Nichols said was a strategy designed to make the Clintons the most powerful couple in history.

Gun Confiscation

Other than draconian gun control measures, Hillary went as far as indicating that she would support an Australian-style gun ban at a town hall in January.

Make no mistake, Hillary will eradicate the second amendment if she gets into the White House.  She’s been transparent about her disdain for gun rights and her willingness to not just limit the sale of firearms but ban them altogether.  America will see a totalitarian gun confiscation under her administration and it could spell the end of freedom and the beginning of a fascist dictatorship.

Nation Building

Hillary’s neocon foreign policy will undoubtedly feed the military industrial complex by waging perennial war in the Middle East.  The former Secretary of State vehemently supports overthrowing the secular Bashar Al-Assad in Syria despite similar measures failing in Libya.

In fact, reports indicate that oil and gold were behind her pursuit of regime change in Libya which only resulted in more radical Islamic terrorism.  If there are resources to steal and money to be made Clinton will send American men and women to die on foreign soil as evidenced by her voting record on the Iraq war.

According to Zero Hedge, one of the 3,000 emails released from Clinton’s private email server confirmed that Hillary supported an overthrow of Qaddafi for the purpose of obtaining rare minerals.

Qaddafi’s government holds 143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver.


This gold was accumulated prior to the current rebellion and was intended to be used to establish a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar. This plan was designed to provide the Francophone African Countries with an alternative to the French. franc (CFA).

(Source Comment [This is in the original declassified email, and is not a comment added by us]: According to knowledgeable individuals this quantity of gold and silver is valued at more than $7 billion. French intelligence officers discovered this plan shortly after the current rebellion began, and this was one of the factors that influenced President Nicolas Sarkozy’s decision to commit France to the attack on Libya. According to these individuals Sarkozy’s plans are driven by the following issues:

1. A desire to gain a greater share of Libya oil production,
2. Increase French influence in North Africa,
3. Improve his internal political situation in France,
4. Provide the French military with an opportunity to reassert its position in the world.
5. Address the concern of his advisors over Qaddafi’s long term plans to supplant France as the dominant power in Francophone Africa)  Source

World War III

Image credits: Armageddononline.Org

Clinton supports instituting a “no-fly zone” over Syria in order to push Russia out of the region and maintain control over the Middle East.  A “no-fly” zone means that American officials would sanction an act of war on Russian fighter jets which could be a catalyst for World War III.

MSNBC addressed the issue in an October 2015 interview in which the Democratic presidential candidate said she’d “advocate for a no-fly zone” over the region.  She never provided any information on how that would be enforced.

It’s clear that if you want World War III – you have your candidate.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul correctly indicated in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper that the measure would be a recipe for a clash with Russia which could escalate to catastrophic proportions.

Muslim Rape Epidemic on U.S. Soil

Clinton called the GOP’s stance on the Syrian “refugee” crisis “a new low” in November 2015.  She has since refrained from addressing the European Muslim rape epidemic sweeping Germany, Sweden, Austria, France and other nations.  On New Year’s eve alone, Cologne, Germany saw 500 different cases of rape and sexual assault at the hands of Muslim migrants.

Leftists have been silent.

Under Hillary, the Muslim invasion causing civil unrest and a clash of civilizations in Europe today will be America’s future.  The Democratic presidential candidate hasn’t deviated from her position on “refugees” despite 1 in 7 of them having sympathies towards ISIS according to WND.


If you thought the executive power grab was bad under Obama, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Hillary’s America will consist of perennial war, unvetted radical Islamists flooding the country, illegals flooding the country, the dissolution of the middle class, the eradication of the second amendment (and perhaps the entire constitution),  worldwide chaos, the installation of Bill Clinton as U.N. Secretary-General and the beginning of a tyrannical regime that will bankrupt the country and send it into an unrecoverable tailspin.

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