Exclusive: Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Says Human Driving Will Be Illegal

Wozniak says humans will be forbidden from driving cars in the future.  


A packed house at the UNF arena listens to Wozniak speak.

Co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak said at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville Tuesday that human driving might be illegal in the future.  The computer engineer who helped grow Apple into one of the largest corporations on the planet drew the largest audience for Jacksonville’s World Affairs Council in five years.

Wozniak first shared stories on working with Steve Jobs who the multi-millionaire described as “not always nice” and someone who did engage in rude behavior at times.


He then went on to discuss the next big things in technology from drones to self-driving cars.

“If I could order something from Amazon and have it delivered to my house at my front porch in an hour, I would do that rather than go to the store,” he said.  The computer engineer alluded to Amazon Prime Air, new technology designed to deliver packages to customers in minutes.

The service, which is currently still in development, would use drone technology to transport packages at 400 feet with what Amazon describes as “a high degree of automation” to operate at distances of 10 miles or more.

Wozniak also talked about the advancements being made with regard to artificial intelligence:

“Artificial intelligence has been getting closer and closer to acting like people. We can talk to them and hear them talk. They can talk back and answer questions that are real.”

Apple’s “Siri” is perhaps one of the more popular examples of smart A.I. technology being introduced to the general public.  Experts believe advancements will continue to be made in this area as technology evolves and machines become more powerful and more intelligent.

The Apple co-founder explained that he was impressed with A.I. technology and how it could be implemented with self-driving cars.  “The self-driving cars tell the car where to go and it goes on its own,” he said.

He even added that laws might drastically change with the introduction of new automated technology, revealing that “some people think in twenty years human drivers are going to be illegal.”

The bold prediction drew some laughs from the audience despite it being a draconian measure.

He said that self-driving cars would mean less accidents which could cause the auto insurance industry to collapse entirely.  He never explained if the cars would be capable of spying on drivers without their consent, which Infowars’ Kit Daniels wrote about on 1/19.

Wozniak also said that A.I. will help people in the future and robots created in the coming years won’t harm humans like some movies have depicted.

Our correspondent who attended the speech said the crowd was engaged and interested from start to finish, but some expressed concerns that A.I. technology might end up taking jobs away from real people.  Nobody seemed perturbed, however, by Wozniak’s odd prediction that self-driving cars could one day dominate the marketplace and eventually lead to the feds banning human driving altogether.

It appears that society is headed towards a new era where operating your own vehicle could be enough to send you to prison.

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