Rand Paul Suspends Presidential Campaign

Paul officially suspends his campaign.   

Rand Paul, Kelley Paul

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul announced today that he is suspending his campaign for the presidency, a move that came shortly after garnering very little support at the Iowa caucus.

The move leaves Donald Trump as the only glimmer of hope left for the liberty movement.

It’s worth noting that Paul’s support appeared to wane after attacking the populist movement started by Trump, a move that may have been responsible for his quick drop in the polls.

Regardless of how his presidential bid ended, Dr. Paul addressed several key issues at each of the debates that nobody else touched on – from the surveillance state to failed interventionist foreign policies employed by establishment RINOs and neocons.  Senator Paul was the leading voice for liberty in the 2016 election and did an admirable job despite not getting the same mainstream media attention as the rest of the field.

Paul will reportedly shift his focus to retaining his Kentucky Senate seat.


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