Russia Deploys More Fighter Jets To Syria

Putin steps up military presence in the Middle East at the behest of western leaders.  


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The Washington Times reported Monday that Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov announced that Russian officials recently deployed Su-35 fighter jets to Hemeimeem air base in Syria.  The aircraft is Russia’s best and most top-of-the-line in their fleet.

Overall, U.S. defense officials are quite impressed with this latest Flanker variant. “It’s a great airplane and very dangerous, especially if they make a lot of them,” one senior U.S. military official with extensive experience on fifth-generation fighters told me some time ago. “I think even an AESA (active electronically scanned array-radar equipped F-15C) Eagle and (Boeing F/A-18E/F) Super Hornet would both have their hands full,” reported National Interest. Source

Russia’s increased military presence in the Middle East should come as a wake-up call to establishment neocons like Chris Christie who once advocated for shooting down Russian planes on live television.  Other establishment candidates on both sides of the political spectrum have similarly called for a “no-fly zone” in Syria which would result in a probable altercation with Russian jets and a possible catalyst for World War III.

At this point it’s clear that nothing would feed the military industrial complex more than a nuclear war with Russia, therefore nothing will make the political establishment happier (and wealthier) than provoking Vladimir Putin.

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