New York Plumber: Trump Would “Talk to us, Buy us Lunch”

New York plumber recants his experience working on Trump’s buildings.  


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Ken, a plumber who worked in New York and is now based in Colorado, called into The Alex Jones Show on 1/29 and used the platform to share an interesting story.

The plumber said that he enjoyed working on Trump’s buildings the most: “One thing I noticed was that the morale was always highest on the Trump jobs.  Everybody wanted to be on the Trump jobs,” he said.  “I think he’s going to bring that morale to this country.”

Ken also talked about how the billionaire mogul would routinely converse with the workers and buy them lunch.  “I worked on the Trump buildings, Trump used to come to the jobs, talk to us, buy us lunch,” he said.

He revealed that he voted for Barack Obama in 2008 but felt snookered by the current president who promised to bring jobs back to America and instead accomplished the complete opposite.  “He preached jobs, jobs, jobs, ‘I’m going to make 10 million jobs in one year,'” he said.  “Then after the first couple of years I seen that was all a lie.”

Ken also expressed concern over the possibility of a Ted Cruz presidency.  “If he gets in I think he’s going to do exactly what Goldman Sachs tells him to do,” he said.

The Plumber’s experience with Trump was a reflection of the leading republican candidate’s down-to-Earth attitude, a stark contrast from Hillary Clinton’s egomaniacal behavior.

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  1. Anyone who can organize a gala event in 24 hours the magnitude of the Wounded Warriors Charity Drive…and do it all on their lonesome is a person who can get things done…Trump raised 6 million dollars and one million of it he donated his self…Trump comes off as a gung-ho leader who can get er done…not so with Fox News owner Roger Ailes who refused to give 5 million as requested by Trump as a charitable donation…which would have went to our Wounded Warriors vets…Iowans should respect the Donald for his endeavors and charitable contributions which would not have happen if the Donald would have committed his self on stage with the other candidates as viewed by the Fox News “dog and pony” show debates…Thank you Donald Trump.

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