Trump’s Rally For Veterans: A Tremendous Success

In protest of the Fox News Debate, Donald Trump hosted his own event to benefit the veterans.    

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CNN, MSNBC as well as many alternative media outlets picked up Trump’s rally which was full of thousands supporters who packed a hall at Drake University.

Trump reportedly put together the rally in just 24 hours.  He opened by thanking everyone who worked diligently to set it up and stated that when you’re treated badly you need to stick up for your rights.  “We have to stick up for our country when we are being mistreated,” he said.

That’s exactly what he did last night.

Despite Fox playing nice in the hours leading up to the debate and begging him to return, he said that once the event became about the vets he couldn’t back out.

Business man Phil Ruffin then appeared and talked about his support for Trump.  He shared a story about how Trump gave back a million dollar gift because he was completely dedicated to self-funding his campaign.

The rally featured guests guests such as Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, John Wayne Walding and the Stump Trump girls.  Trump acknowledged donors that gave large sums to the wounded warriors and expressed his gratitude.  In just 24 hours he raised over 6 Million dollars for various veterans organizations – that’s more than the political establishment raised for them in the past six years!

Several protesters tried to derail the event despite it being about honoring our heroes.  In response, the leading republican candidate suggested that if he could just sit down and talk to the protesters they’d understand what he really stood for.

All in all, I thought it was a successful rally and a wonderful night of appreciation for our vets who desperately needed it and deserved it.

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  1. God Bless our Vets…and God Bless the USA.

  2. God Bless our Vets…and God Bless Donald Trump…and God Bless the USA.

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