Austrian Teacher Replaces “God” With “Allah” In Christian Hymnal

Teacher replaces Christian “God” with Islamic “Allah” to appeal to Muslims -.


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The Islamic takeover of Europe continues.

RT reported Wednesday that an Austrian teacher replaced the word “God” with “Allah” in a Christian hymnal to appeal to Islamists.  Parents in Wels, Austria were outraged after a controversial decision made under the guise of political correctness. Some filed complaints with the state council which oversees school curriculum.

“It isn’t just about the use of the word ‘Allah’. It also means God!  You just can’t go about rewriting text like this,” the father of a student at the school told an Austrian newspaper.

The teacher claimed she had “handed out different texts to Muslim and Christian” children and that one of the Christian children had accidentally been given the wrong copy.

Head of the school Ulrike Fellinger was unaware of the incident and has since decided to ban religious hymns altogether to avoid future misunderstandings.

Austria continues to struggle with integrating Muslim migrants who, in some cases, have been fined for refusing to attend “special integration” courses designed to teach them not to rape women.  Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz finally conceded that “those who do have the right to get asylum, should be integrated into society.”

Evidently, he never got the memo that integrating these people into western culture is an impossible task.

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