Flashback: Clinton, Obama Skip Fox-Sponsored Debate

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama skip Fox debate in 2007, just like Trump.  


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Clinton and Obama skipped a September 2007 Fox News debate after liberal activists called for them to boycott the event which they said was biased against Democrats.

Clinton campaign aides at the time said Hillary would only participate in debates sanctioned by the Democratic National Committee.

Obama spokesman Bill Burton told The Washington Post that “CNN seemed like a more appropriate venue” when questioned about the boycott.

While Senator Elijah E. Cummings said in 2007 that Obama’s choice was “unfortunate”, it wasn’t met with nearly as much vitriol as Trump’s recent decision to skip tonight’s Fox News-sanctioned reality television show.

Evidently, when establishment politicians choose to skip debates nobody bats an eye.  Nobody said that either candidate was “afraid” of the moderators nor did they question whether or not they’d be capable of standing up to world leaders.

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  1. All the more reason to vote for Trump.

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