The Radical Islamic Invasion of Europe

Muslims invade Europe thanks to the global elite and trendy liberal sheep. 


While corporate controlled media conglomerates refuse to address the Islamic takeover of Europe, the truth about the Syran “refugee” crisis hasn’t been completely suppressed.  This past New Year’s Eve, 500 different sex assaults/rape cases occurred in Cologne, Germany alone – but perhaps even more shocking are some of the events documented below.

Europe is now a radical Islamic haven as a result of opening its borders to Muslim “refugees.”  According to Breitbart London, Hamburg, Austria, Sweden, Paris, Zurich, Finland and Germany have fallen victim to an Islamic rape epidemic lead by some of the most sadistic animals on the planet.

In response, left-leaning politicians and the globalists at the United Nations recently called for even more refugees to flood the region.  It is insanity.

Woman stabbed to death in Swedish refugee facility

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Image courtesy of Reuters

RT reported today that a “refugee” at a center for underage unaccompanied migrants in southern Sweden stabbed and killed a 22-year-old woman at the facility in cold blood.

Locals alerted Mölndal city’s law enforcement about an altercation at the center which resulted in the fatal stabbing of a staff member who later died at the Sahlgrenska Hospital with severe injuries.

“The woman who was taken to Sahlgrenska Hospital this morning died because of the injuries she received in connection with the altercation, relatives are informed,” police spokesman Christer Fuxborg said, as quoted by Aftonbladet newspaper.  Source

The attacker was a male whose exact identity hasn’t been confirmed, police will categorize the event as either murder or manslaughter.

Islamic State plans attacks from inside camps in Europe

 photo BzCiewuCYAEaYmb_zpse12a3e94.jpg

Bloomberg reported today that radical Islamic terrorists recently set up plans to carry out attacks on “soft targets” in Europe.

Reporter James G. Neuger said that the Islamic State have set up “smaller scale” training camps throughout Europe and the Balkans.  One could speculate that open border policies might lead to an inflated chance of migrants, who aren’t being tracked, joining these terror camps and carrying out devastating attacks.

Germans run from pool after Islamic animals go on obscene rampage

Swimming Bath

Image courtesy of Breitbart

Oliver Lane of Breitbart published an article on 1/22 detailing a disgusting series of incidents at a German swimming bath that lead to a ban on migrants from entering the premises after a group of Islamic radicals trashed the area while laughing about it.

A group of migrant men and women reportedly engaged in grotesque behavior at the Johannisbad Baths in Zwichau, Saxony.  In seperate incidents, migrants allegedly masturbated into the jacuzzi, defecated into the pool water and sexually assaulted other bathers.

The swimming pool closed their doors to migrants immediately following the revolting event.

“An asylum seeker has masturbated in the hot tub and ejaculated into the basin. This is also recorded on the surveillance camera”. He wrote that the group desecrating the jacuzzi, having been thrown out by the lifeguards later returned took “selfies” of themselves while they were in the tub, “jeering” the whole time.

This was not the only assault on the pool. The day before, wrote Mr. Wallweit “8 foreign men … in the sauna” harassed locals, forcing pool staff to pretend the Sauna was out of action when enquiries were made my migrant men, if there were at that time local women using it. He told his superiors: “furthermore, the lifeguards have to protect women and girls from the asylum seekers. Young men wanted to forcibly penetrate the female changing room”.  Source

Local radio stations say more reports of migrant sex assaults have been unearthed as a growing number of people come forward in opposition of the popular leftist narrative that “refugees” are simply “peaceful asylum seekers.”

Attacks haven’t been unique to Germany, Breitbart London recently reported that migrant gangs sexually assaulted children in swimming baths this past week.  The men law enforcement believed to be responsible were of Syrian and Afghan descent.

Germany loses track of 600,000 “refugees”


Image courtesy of Breitbart

The German government admitted on 1/22 that they cannot account for 600,000 of the 1.1 million migrants who flooded into the country over the last year.  Liam Deacon of Breitbart reported that the announcement raised concerns over Muslim migrants possibly traversing into other European nations.

According to The Daily Mail, only 476,649 (326,529 men and 150,120 women) of the 1.1 million migrants showed up to their assigned destinations where they’ve been registered.

Of course, the “refugees” might not have registered due to delays in the system or some other glitch, but the more likely scenario is they’ve moved on and disappeared into other European Union member states.

Muslim migrants taking “rape classes”

Hero first launched the course after a series of rapes by foreigners

Oli Smith of wrote an article on 1/24 about Muslim migrants in Norway being taught “appropriate sexual behavior” in an effort to curb the number of sex attacks and rapes in Cologne, Germany and elsewhere throughout the region.

The courses reportedly taught migrants that it is unacceptable to rape women who wear western-style clothing (skirts, t-shirts, etc…).  A clip at the end of each class reads “no means no” with the instructor reinforcing that “everyone is in agreement that rape is bad.”

If you have to teach an entire demographic of people that “rape is bad,” why are they allowed into the country?

A local organization started the classes after a series of sexual assaults/rape at the hands of foreigners that intensified in recent weeks after an influx of violent migrants conducted vicious attacks on New Year’s Eve in France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

German teenager says women and children are being raped

Image source: YouTube

A  16-year-old German girl posted a video on 1/20 in which she revealed that Germans are afraid to leave their homes due to a recent incursion of Muslim migrants.   She explained that it has become impossible to go to the grocery store without being afraid for her life.

The girl plead with the political establishment in Europe to do something about the Muslim invasion, “men of Germany, they’re killing your women, they’re killing your children,” she said.

She also revealed that Muslim migrants have been protesting in the streets shouting “Allah! Allah! Allah is the one God!  Kill those infidels!  Allah Allah!” on a regular basis and that Muslims have called German women “sluts” for wearing t-shirts in public.  “What should I do?  Should I wear a burka?” the teenager asked in response.

She blamed Merkel for allowing criminals into her country before once again pleading for help.  “Please, people, please help us!  Please, do something!”

Muslim migrants call Europeans “disgusting”

Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson reported that a video shot in a German school shows “integrated” Islamic “refugees” hurling insults at Germans, saying they’re “disgusting” and the country would be better if they disappeared.

In the video, a woman spoke to migrant teenagers at a local high school.  She asked one of them what “integration” means and one girl responded with “it means to exclude others.”  The woman said “No, that’s precisely what it’s not.”

The teenagers later admitted that they have no German friends because “they don’t belong to us.”

“If you hang out with Germans, they do different things than you, for example eating pork. I’m disgusted by them to be honest,” said one girl.

She continued: “Look, if all migrants would stay in Germany and if all the Germans would disappear for just a single day, nobody would notice.”

“ISIS Among Us”

Christian refugees from Syria claimed to see Islamic militants living with them at a camp in Germany. Police reportedly investigated the case but refused to file charges because the alleged terrorists “haven’t done anything wrong” as of yet.

RT’s Peter Oliver has more information in the video posted above.


(Above) Rebel Media's Lauren Southern explains why open border policies do not fall under the libertarian umbrella.

Trendy liberals have been deceived into embracing a multiculturalist, marxist agenda aimed at the dissolution of borders and the destruction of liberty as a result of a globalist-sanctioned order out of chaos.  It is evident that Europe is under attack and the United States will be next if the general public allows our political establishment to open our borders.

When importing a large number of unvetted immigrants from more primitive cultures, it shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone with half a braincell that a clash of civilizations will soon follow.

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