Marines Warn Globalists: We Will Uphold The Constitution

Two U.S. Marines promise NOT to kick down doors of Americans in the event of martial law.  


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Intellihub reported on 1/22 that two U.S. Marines, 22-year old Kevin and 19-year-old Coltin, recently said they and others in the Marine Corps would not follow unlawful orders given by the federal government in the event of a martial law takeover.

They promised to uphold their oath to the constitution.

Kevin in particular explained that his loyalties lie with the Bill of Rights, “I would fight my brothers-in-arms at that point because that’s an unconstitutional order,” he said.

Coltin agreed, “At that point I would give up what means most to me. I would give in my uniform and tear the eagle and anchor off of it.  It’s not worth it.  It’s my family I would be fighting against because that’s the way I was raised.”

The young Marine later confirmed that Marines do, in fact, train to kick doors in and enter private property in order to “prepare for conflict” on foreign soil. However, they reassured Intellihub that many within the armed forces would stand up and defend the constitution even against their own government.

“If you guys don’t know about the Oath Keepers look them up,” Kevin said.  “The actual government is listing us as terrorists, members of the Oath Keepers, but we’re not.  We are just a bunch of military, police, fire department, first responders, that are actually going to uphold their oaths.  Thathat means fighting back against enemies foreign and domestic.”

“And right now, it’s looking like it’s going to be domestic,” Kevin revealed.

The Marine might have been referencing recent legislation that would allow President Obama to deploy U.S. troops on both foreign and domestic soil at his discretion. It’s important to note that the ruling class are in all likelihood aware that dissent would follow after a suspension of civil liberties, which is probably why they’ve mandated vaccines for all members of the armed forces.

As America heads towards a disastrous recession and the executive branch continues to gain dictatorial power, it’s certainly reassuring that some within the system have publicly pledged their allegiance to the constitution of the United States.

Update 1/25: Spelling error fixed.

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