Self-Driving Cars Could Spy On You

Infowars’ Kit Daniels writes article explaining how self-driving cars could be used as surveillance tool.  


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Infowars journalist Kit Daniels wrote an article yesterday explaining how self-driving cars could be used as a tool for government surveillance.

Daniels said that as cars move towards automation, the technology could be used to illegally spy on law-abiding citizens.  The biggest concern in regards to new technological advancements is that it opens new doors for tyrants to attack our civil liberties.

Apparently, self-driving cars will be equipped with the ability to communicate with other vehicles on the road using WiFi.  Daniels suggested that the ruling class could take advantage of the technology to tax drivers by the mile.

You can read his article below:

(Infowars) Self-driving cars operate as ground-based surveillance drones collecting images and data on both drivers and the public at large, according to World Economic Forum insiders.


“The availability and resolution of imaging from satellites, drones, self-driving cars and more will continue to increase exponentially,” said Sedicii Innovation CEO Rob Leslie, an agenda contributor for the 2016 World Economic Annual Meeting in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland from Jan. 20-23. “This will drive the creation of ever more sophisticated analysis algorithms, products and companies.”

In other words, the tech elite – and their partners in government – are attempting to transform the automobile from a symbol of freedom into another surveillance node in a centrally-controlled data network in which car companies, insurers and government bureaucracies track, tax and control drivers.


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